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Startup Consulting

Whether you need assistance with strategy, marketing, operations, or any other business-related challenge, we'll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. 

Marketing Strategy

Committed to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals in the most efficient and effective way. We'll deliver a tailored ready to go solution to reach your goals.

Brand Positioning

Make your brand stand out. Our branding experts will craft for you a unique, memorable, and authentic brand identity that matches exactly your customers' needs.

Digital Innovation

Dedicated to helping firms like yours thrive in digital transformation, using innovative solutions such as marketing automation, AI-driven apps, and other tools.


Do you have a brilliant idea and want to start a successful company? Are you struggling with your own business to get new customers? Nowadays starting a new business is easier than ever before. For the same reason, increased competition and the cost of advertising make it more challenging to succeed. In fact, most of the newborn businesses fail within 3 years, and the traditional ones, once thriving, are struggling to adapt to the new environment of the digital era.

Nowadays, it's essential that your marketing strategy is complex, tailored, effective, constantly evolving, and highly engaging. And sometimes, this can be hard to do. Marketing your business doesn't have to be difficult! Get immediate help from an experienced marketing advisor, that will lead you to the right solution customized for your business. Whether you want to bring to life a newborn idea or leverage your existing business, today you found the best way to go.

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I'm Paolo Cima

A professional Digital Marketing and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Expert with over a decade of successful background working with all-size businesses.

I have helped many startups, small, medium-sized, and enterprise companies to leverage the power of digital marketing to grow their business and thrive in the digital era. From brand positioning to marketing strategy and business automation, I have got the right recipe to empower your business.

My Expertises

Marketing Strategy

I'll create a DIY step-by-step digital marketing action plan to launch, grow and scale your business or product.

Digital Marketing

I'll advice you on the best Digital Marketing solutions and advertising channels to reach your audience.

Brand Positioning

I'll help you create a new brand or rebrand your company, positioning yourself as the leader in your niche.

Digital Transformation

I'll give you the best tools to automate your business operations and thrive in the digital era.


I'll help you increase conversion rates on your website, funnels, landing pages, e-commerce, and sale pages.

PPC Advertising

I'll audit, setup, and optimize your Pay Per Click Ads campaigns to get more conversions and sales.

Landing Page Design

I'll create the best performing, high-converting landing page to promote your business and products.


I'll help you to adopt the right communication to attract, engage, and convert more customers.

Nathalie Vaknin

Head Of Marketing Europe

Cortex Dental

"It was a real pleasure to work with Paolo - Always focused on goals, he developed the requested project in a very effective way. 

I highly recommend him for increasing sales, marketing consultancy, and business development."

 What you'll get 

Get a Bulletproof Strategy

  • 01 - The Analysis
  • 02 - The Strategy
  • 03 - The Execution
  • 04 - The Growth

The best way to start a customized marketing plan is by determining what are your main goals and how to achieve them. Marketing analysis is the process that will help you to understand your customers and your competitors. It can be used to identify both opportunities and threats for your company's growth.

Grow & Scale Your Business Today

Paolo was very informative and gave a detailed video walkthrough of changes that should be made to increase conversion on each page of my website. Very helpful information. Suggestions have been implemented. Definitely recommend his service.

Rey Blough


He took my marketing to a whole new level and helped me to get new customers on daily basis. Awesome experience!

Miroslava Uhryn


Great! Paolo did his best and pointed to really important things that I myself wouldn’t ever realize.

Kristina Manis


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My Packages

1-on-1 Zoom Call


The simplest, fastest, and most effective way to overcome most of your business issues. We'll get into 1 hour dedicated call where you can ask me anything you want about your marketing strategy.

Digital Checkup


I will do an in-depth review of your digital marketing strategy and online presence to give you my best advice on how to improve it (including website, social media, and competitor analysis).

Monthly Package


30 days full-immersive program to take your marketing to the next level! (Includes business advice, swot analysis, business, and marketing plan, growth hacks, and tips n' tricks to jumpstart your biz.

Fractional CMO


Are you looking for a Chief Marketing Officer that drives growth without breaking the bank? I'll help you develop and execute your bulletproof marketing plan, and grow and scale your company in no time!

 process guide 

A Step by Step Solution


Schedule your 1 on 1 Zoom Call where we can discuss your main issues, goals and find together a way to achieve them.


Pick the most convenient available spot for you and relax. You are just a few hours away to achive the success you always wanted.


We can schedule recurring calls to help you with the following steps, such as marketing plan execution, campaigns optimization, etc...



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